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Eat you Ca, What is ?

MangeToiCa (abbreviated TCM) is a opinion FanBLOG : We do classic news on Habbo/Sulake as a classic fansite but we also give our opinion/opinion on certain subjects ! MTC aims to launch the debate and make you think and therefore comment : so you participate in TCM by giving your opinion. We hesitate not to push shots of gules/hearts publicly and announce that some hide you !


MTC is also unpublished tons of records/surveys each week on Habbo & his universe ! We are a blog around the Habbo universe who said things without languages of wood and allows all users without prior registration débattre et de commenter nos articles (dans le respect de certaines règles, see below)


MTC also offers a offbeat news, ironic, or even unpublished and sometimes even exceeding the terminals ! Tout ça évidemment en respectant le droit aux personnes : our screens and info are not rigged and fake, We do that tell the truth ! En aucun cas ce blog est une machine à lancer des fausses rumeurs ou à nuire à certains utilisateurs. Nous essayons de break the hypocrisy which sometimes reigns on this game (sometimes ?).


MTC is also the off-habbo news : music, Info, cinema, new technologies, everything !


De March 2012 to December 2012, nous avons fait partie du nouveau programme des “fansites” proposé par Sulake. Nous apparaissions ainsi sur la liste “officielle” des fansites internationaux. Nous participions à ce programme pour être à égalité avec les autres fansites et avoir les “exclus” par mail comme tous les autres. Today, things have evolved, with the abandonment of the management of fan sites, and now Sulake (ou certains de ces employés « staffs ») nous reproche de « dépasser les limites » et de ne pas « mériter » le statut de fansite officiel : We are also reproached our editorial line and this conflicted with the fundamental principles that make MTC that it is currently : We agree most rules issued by Sulake and that is why that MTC is withdrawn from the programme 'official fan Sites '..




Habbo, Habbo Hotel, Sulake and their associated logos are registered trademarks of Sulake group. All rights reserved. This site is in no way part of Habbo and in no way owned by Sulake group. Therefore, Sulake cannot be held responsible for the comments and content on this site.


Director of publication & owner ; Maxbargo (Contact@mangetoica.com or Maxbargo@mangetoica.com)

Co-Director of publication : samyland (samyland@mangetoica.com)

Administrator ; samyland (samyland@mangetoica.com) MangeToiCa est hébergé par O2Switch


Publishing information online falls within the freedom of the press and Communication to the public by electronic means.


Personal data collected by MTC are only intended for internal use. Under no circumstances this data be transferred or sold to third parties. Only comments recorded on this blog give rise to a registration of login information (IP address, pseudonym and possibly email address and web site). In accordance with article 39 of the Act of 6 January 1978 relative à l'informatique, files and freedoms, you have a right of access, amendment and oppose personal data recorded by the blog.


All rights reserved. Reproduction of the contents of this blog, in whole or in part, is prohibited without written permission of the author (except special mention). Any other material contained on this site do not belong to us : photos, texts, images, logos, names of products or brands mentioned... is the property of their respective owners.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


I have a question on comments !

We have centralized all questions relating to comments in a page.

Click here to discover.


I was banned by MTC !

You have been excluded(e) du site par l’un de nos modérateurs certainement car vous n’avez pas respecté plusieurs fois – ou une seule fois si l’acte est grave – la charte du site. To challenge this exclusion, (only if you find it unfair) contact the uservoice by clicking on the tab «ideas and Contact» on your left, then contact support so that we respond you within 24 hours following your message !


MTC sometimes publishes actual photos of people ; I'm afraid my photo finds !

Nous ne publions aucune photo réelle sans l’autorisation de la personne et surtout de ses parents si elle est mineur. Photos or videos that have been posted on TCM are either available on YouTube and in this case it is different since it is voluntarily, but in the case of a photo, even with permission, le visage d’un mineur sera flouté !


Why sometimes MTC critical Habbo while it is a site about Habbo ?

MTC would like to say what a lot of people think but refuse to say out loud to avoid losing Norman in console. Habbo is a game and a great experience in any, but we're also here to reveal the scenes : It is not by remaining silent that things will change !



MTC is sometimes news new releases, the new mobis... Why ca ?

MTC does not lose its original concept by doing this : quite the contrary ! Already, We come to the point, en vous évitant des news sur les derniers fonds d’écrans de home page dont tout le monde se fout royalement. Nous allons à l’essentiel pour vous informer, mais aussi pour que vous donniez votre avis car c’est bien cela le plus important, et cela colle complètement avec le concept de base de MTC !


MTC et ses webmasters veulent le retour de la bonne ambiance entre les fansites ! So why stir the knife in the wound by time ?

Once again, malheureusement nous ne faisons que relater la vérité et nous n’inventons aucun conflit ! We are not the source of jamrobees worthy of children of kindergarten between some webmasters. MTC recounts, give its opinion, critical car toutes les vérités sont bonnes à dire !


He has only known people in the TCM team !

Believe us or not, but we recruit the team on the quality of the CV & also of the reputation of the person ! Because Yes, work on TCM, This is not as work on a normal fan site and publish classic news. Cela demande plus d’expérience et surtout pas mal de MATURITÉ et de CONFIANCE webmasters for journalists.


Too many useless news on MTC...

MTC is not a blog of "journalists". We spend quite a lot of our free time to provide you with news coming out of the ordinary. Some are perhaps unnecessary, but in this case it does not require you to read !


MTC speaks out-Habbo... What is ca ?

MTC mêle Habbo & Off-Habbo since the creation of the ! The off Habbo allows from time to time to talk about other things, to learn, and for some to see something other than badges & competitions.


MTC regularly critical Sulake and Habbo … Yet it is a fansite not ?

As it is written at the top of this page, MTC is a fansite of opinion : We give our opinion on certain situations or Habbo news. We are never critical of Habbo/Sulake way free or unfounded : give its opinion is not a crime and also each Member can give his own even if it is contrary to that of the journalist, as long as the comment is polite and respectful of the work of the journalist. Being a fansite (or fanblog) for us this is not «be the creeps of Sulake or Androidlili», QUITE THE CONTRARY! If we do this it is to wake up leaders and show them that Habbo goes wrong … ! And don't forget : If an article does not please, you do not require read or critique our work ;)


MTC speaks much too Habbo …

The news of recent months is totally exceptional : entre les licenciements des staffs et le scandale pédophile sur Habbo, MTC has no choice but to talk about ! Everything will return to normal once the summer past … It is hoped ;)


One more to register on the MTC site ?

Indeed since a recent virus attack the access to the WP administration and creating new account have been disabled ! In addition, This mode of connection became useless because of the new system of comments which require an external connection to MTC : DISQUS. More info on this system : http://mangetoica.com/comments


The TCM team : entre le privé et le public ?

MTC is not responsible for the privacy of each Member of his team. Whether a twitter or facebook account, each Member has the right to give their opinion or to play alone against another person. Ce n’est pas pour autant qu’il faut impliquer MTC dans l’origine de ce problème.


Makes turn MangeToiCa.com ?

Although MTC team course, but you should know that This team works in real time to offer you the best of services : articles of qualifications, interesting tools, etc. When is says an article, respect for the journalist is de rigueur because his article is the result of extensive research and time spent. Without the TCM team, le site ne peut pas assurer un service d’information constant pour VOUS. Les personnes critiquant MTC mais qui regardent de façon omniprésente le site sont priées de se cacher !

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