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Fansite movement

In spite of the fact that the situation appears to improve noticeably with the end of the censorship of « MangeToiÇa » and it acronym « MTC » on Habbo.fr, we are still waiting for a specific answer of androidlili, the Customer Support and Sulake. We also blow the whistle against excessive banishment of several MangeToiÇa’s members who have nothing to do with the problems (they only uttered « MTC » on Habbo).


MangeToiÇa defends vigorously the freedom of thought, and we think that this principle is no more respected on Habbo since November 2012, Sulake’s reorganization. That’s why more than 20 fansites joined us and took part in « The Black Friday » (hashtag #BlackFriday) to protest against this groundless censorship.


This situation may come to anyone: your mobilization is consequently very important. We count on fansites and members who allow us to continue our action. Thank you all.


List of fansite wich are participated



  • –  Zenith-Habbo.fr (official fansite)
  • –  Habbhome.fr.mu (officiel fansite)
  • –  Habbsilver.org
  • –  PensionnatHabbo.com
  • –  Habbovillage.org
  • –  Habbsky.org
  • –  FanStory.fr
  • –  HabboCliche.com
  • –  Habbisland.fr
  • –  Habbdedi.free-h.fr
  • –  Habbpeople.p.ht
  • –  Parchabbo.fr.cr
  • –  Habbaj.fr
  • –  Habbforum.forumgratuit.org
  • –  Cirquepinderrogerlanzac.fr.ht
  • –  ncisofhabbo.superforum.fr
  • –  habbmedia.org
  • –  habbopro.com
  • –  shake-it-up.fr.mu
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