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Posté par Nocturne le Lundi 21 April

MangeToiCa gives you the chance to win a badge and a Punching Ball Rare without head.





Entrance to the quest available here


Sans titre 3


Insert the sequence of the badge in your profile below Habbo. You will get your «Putching ball» (above).

NB : You must have the two badges of quests previous, Once mit, an image will appear and you need to reconnect to receive batches.


Sans titre 2

  • Congratulations, tu as débloqué a Punching Ball and a badge in your inventory.

Sans titre 1

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Posté par samyland le Dimanche 20 April

Mangetoica recruits !

But what are the positions available on mangetoica ?

We have decided to re - open recruitment in this holiday ! Do you want to be part of the MTC Team ? Nothing simpler, consult the available positions below and complete the form with the greatest possible sincerity !


Positions available :


Mission :


- Discover and unearth knowledge the latest info Habbos

- Announce per item Habbo news, build, MOBIS, events etc.…

- Publish Habbos gaming solutions time and time

- Being responsive, spontaneous and autonomous

- Knowledge work in a team, be sociable.




Mission :


- Published on notable events in world news

- Being responsive, autonomous and spontaneous

- Faire une analyse constructive du thème choisit


Mission :


- Create a competitions and minigames in the forum (badge to gain).

- Savoir travailler en équipe.

Figure (90)


Modérateur MTC/Forum (2 posts)

Mission :


- Moderate the discussions in the forum MTC that violate the TOS

- Moderate Guest reviews What is "MTC"?

- Knowledge work in a team.

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Posté par Thisboss42 le Dimanche 20 April


Last Saturday, We launched a major survey about Habbo that will blow its 10th birthday the 24 November 2014. The time of the assessment rang, and we offer you the results. You have been 540 people to respond to the survey and the balance sheet is unfortunately far from being positive, This survey was relayed a team Neopets.com. As stated last week, This survey is intended to take stock and see the State of Habbo, that is why that MangeToiCa will not comment the results but you are free to do so by comment ;)


Vous pouvez lire les résultats ci-dessous, Alternatively go to the link of the PDF for a better comfort of reading here.


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Posté par Administration MTC le Dimanche 20 April

Et si vous vous joigniez à la fête des œufs sur le forum MTC ?



Sunday-Easter Monday, MTC prepares you a series of mini-games in order to spend time this weekend and the early days of holiday for the Zone B. Visit the MTC forum immediately in order to participate and earn badges. Should total at least 3 WINS for the 3 oeufs mis en jeu. Le quatrième sera pour une surprise !


For the 1st : the 3 the event badges + 50 credits

For the 2nd : the 3 the event badges + 20 credits

For the 3rd : the 3 the event badges + a lot of mobis



> Writing contest « History of egg » on the forum MTC ICI

> Game of 7 errors Easter on the forum MTC ICI

> Crossword Special Easter on the forum MTC ICI


> Interactive game Special Easter surprise : clique ici pour y jouer

> The hunt for eggs on the MTC site : Click here to participate

> Account the eggs on le forum MTC ICI


> If you are not yet registered you, consult the page by clicking here

> The prefixes of subjects will begin by [EASTER MTC]

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Posté par .:like-boss:. le Vendredi 18 April

Welcome to this all new Chronicle which has the name «THE BEST VINE». Each week We publish Vines them the funniest, more crazy, the more funs, the most WTF.

Vine, What is ?

With its format short six seconds, the application Vine offers the possibility to create small animated films. Launched by Twitter the 24 January 2013, It has been a smash hit since its launch.

How to send my Vine ?

To send your Vine, nothing simpler ! Just click on the link below and fill out the submission form.

Your Vine will be may be released in a few weeks in that article...

Send my vine !

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Posté par samyland le Vendredi 18 April

As you know, Easter 2014 arrives at big step but after all what happened in the beginning of the week : prohibition of casinos and games paris… are you going to spend your credits in quantity or not for these holidays here ?




Une majorité n’achètent des crédits via les moyens courants

Not all persons possessing mobis in huge quantity was bought by common means to purchase credits. La majorité de ces personnes qui claim to be legally practice the «b!k» that is, they buy gold bullion for cash real afin d’investir sur des projets stables et viables.

Invest in a large project, It is spending credits which are very expensive given the high level of the prices of furniture and therefore spend much more euro at this point to dry his invoice from mobile at the end of the month pour les pré-ado.


Capture d’écran 2014-02-09 à 13.11.54


Builder Club, Mobis Pack, cheap MOBIS

Elisa offers you any kind enticing offers but some do not see what is happening behind… Mobis prices ruin the economy of Habbo and the habbos can no longer to enrich and resell the mobis in order to invest elsewhere. It is fine to have packs and ranges from one to three credits mobis but need to think about the consequences. Why do mobis packs while there is already mobis catalog prices also ?

Not surprising to see that mobi fifteen ranges come out. Nowadays, There should be a sufficient amount of mobis in the range to do a true flat. Front, the floors and walls as well as a few garrisons was sufficient to build an apartment that looks like something. Today, We buy small fragments of mobis insignificant need to assemble it with other mobis for this looks something. In the end, one is obliged to buy a mass of mobi with credits that are extensions expensive for so little



Thank you for responding with franchise, tous les votes sont anonymes.



Reminder: The France is often heard as part of the main countries affected by the ECHR.

It's this Thursday 17 April, in Strasbourg, que de nouveau the European Court of human rights (ECHR), has condemned the France. This time, for non-compliance of << right to life >>. In question: the dead in 2008, an old man 27 years, part of the traveller community, died while in custody.

This man, Joseph Guerdner, had been arrested by gendarmes from Brignoles, in the Var, for a flight armed with sequestration, and was targeted as he tried to flee through a window. The Constable who had shot him to 7 times (not touching that by 3 balls), was pursued for murder. Subsequently, He is acquitted the 17 September 2010, a verdict which, at the time, had angered the victim's family.


À cause de cet incident, the ECHR has found just that the France, any informed, compensate the relatives of the deceased; late who has still not found justice for his entourage, for the release of his murderer.


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BannièreMTG3It is The Chronicle in video games on MangeToiCa, I speak of course MangeTonGame ! For those who do not yet know, 2 times per week (times 1) je vous rassemble en an article, most of the video games news. It is about Xbox, from PlayStation, from Nintendo DS or Wii, from Battlefield or Call Of Duty, from FIFA or PES, Everyone finds his account. Good reading !


Lire la suite

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