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As you've surely seen, casinos have been banned on all Habbo Hotels worldwide through a law which forbids to ask more of 3 chance furniture (Magic of, Of Laser, Wheel of Fortune…) in his apartment. After a long week without casino I propose to make a point about the impact of discontinuation of the Casino only on (but that surely to the same effect in other hotels).R24_bbss_games_ht


When we talk about Casino, one speaks very quickly furniture worth a fortune, But if these casinos do not exist, These collectors will be of no use if they are also expensive ! That is why immediately after the announcement of this law in the apartments, furniture casinos literally collapsed, There is therefore a complete remodel of the zino barter and trading especially with a collapse of the value which today there are more secure mobis whose value remains stable and high.


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Posté par Thisboss42 le Mardi 15 April

On the occasion of the event « Easter 2014« , a new mobi has been uploaded into the servers of Sulake. The mobi is a rare during this campaign.

The mobi:



The mobi in appart :


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easter_carrot_rocketA little nunuche as term… You can't find ?

A challenge will be held from 16 to the 20 April on Habbo. This challenge is part of the Easter event 2014 and allow you to win 10 badges invaders from space !



Cinq missions quotidienne + 10 badges to find


The aim of this challenge : catalog_easter_teaser1

Ten badges have been concealed in public places. Your goal will be to the collect 10 hidden badges dont MTC vous posteras la solution lors du lancement. This rule is similar to the game of public places a year ago. This challenge involves several capacity : solidarity, intelligence, speed and reflection.


Codes : = space invaders = Community Challenge – 16 to the 21 April = disputes you in the public room of the space invaders and get one of 10 available badges. You so contribueras to unlock the badge that masters all ! = you were %totalAmount% space invaders ! Continues like this !
Restriction on the call for moderators (less job)
help.CfH.closed.useless = please use the call for help only for attempts to scams or cases of harassment. Selects only the relevant part of the discussion to avoid misunderstandings.
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Posté par samyland le Mardi 15 April

«the forum, It is a virtual trash can» Norman most Manager


Détrônera-t-il le mythique forum du site Habbo dont la fonctionnalité d’origine a été désactivé lors du mute en 2012 ? MTC has a good reason to say that this talktoyourteen1_100x100_thumbForum will not be short-lived but why ?

Useful for events and organizations such as the RPG, les Jeux sponsos et compagnie, the forum will not be a real space for discussion given that focus groups will be fragmented into several group. The forum était animé lorsqu’il était concentré en un espace. Cette fonctionnalité est certes de retour mais sous une autre forme ne fera que diviser les centres de discussions.

The project seems to advance to small step but codes have been found in the french servers :


groupforum.compose.Cancel = cancel
groupforum.compose.formatting_help =Formatting help
groupforum.compose.message_too_short = message must include at least 10 characters ! = post
groupforum.compose.reply_hint = tip: You can reply to multiple messages at once!
groupforum.compose.reply_template=%CREATION_TIME% % AUTHOR_NAME % wrote :
groupforum.compose.skipped_quote =[quote ignored]
groupforum.compose.subject = discussion topic
groupforum.compose.subject_replying_to = in response to
groupforum.compose.subject_too_short = the subject must make minimum 10 characters !
groupforum.compose.window_title = compose a message from the Group Forum
groupforum.permissions.moderate_label = which can moderate :
groupforum.permissions.option_all = everyone
groupforum.permissions.option_group_admins = only administrators of the Group
groupforum.permissions.option_group_members = only members of the Group
groupforum.permissions.option_owner = me alone
groupforum.permissions.post_message_label = who can write in the forum :
groupforum.permissions.post_thread_label = who can start new discussions:
groupforum.permissions.read_label = who can read the forum :
groupforum.settings.Cancel = cancel
groupforum.settings.OK = Ok
groupforum.settings.window_title = forum group settings
groupforum.view.all_threads = all topics
groupforum.view.error.forum_disabled = this forum is suspended by the Staffs.
groupforum.view.error.forums_disabled = group forums are disabled!
groupforum.view.error.muted = you can not %operation% because you are mute.
groupforum.view.error.not_admin = only the Group administrators can %OPERATION%.
groupforum.view.error.not_citizen = you must be a citizen for %operation%.
groupforum.view.error.not_member = only the members of the group can %operation%.
groupforum.view.error.not_owner = only the owner of the Group peut %operation%.
groupforum.view.error.operation_post_in_locked = post on the blocked subject
groupforum.view.error.operation_post_message = post new messages
groupforum.view.error.operation_post_thread = start new discussions
groupforum.view.error.operation_read = read this forum
groupforum.view.message_hidden_by_admin = Message hidden by ­MIN_NAME %
groupforum.view.message_hidden_by_staff = Message hidden by the Staffs
groupforum.view.reply = reply
groupforum.view.start_thread = new topic
groupforum.view.thread_details2=%NEW_MESSAGES% unread(s)
groupforum.view.thread_details=De %THREAD_AUTHOR_NAME % %CREATION_TIME%, dernier message de %LAST_AUTHOR_NAME % %UPDATE_TIME%
groupforum.view.thread_hidden_by_admin = Discussion hidden by ­MIN_NAME %
groupforum.view.thread_hidden_by_staff = Discussion hidden by the Staffs
groupforum.view.window_title = Group Forum


Help pages for forums : talking

How do formatting > page to find here

Opening of the BETA testing > page at here

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Posté par samyland le Mardi 15 April

easter13_egg_0The Habbo Easter event 2014 landed on our hotel : new mobis and... new quests ! Mangetoica gives you the ability to complete these quests every day, without head, and in less than two minutes. Now that the quests are completed, Here's a way to discover a secret badge


-«Mystery of Easter I»



• To start, go to the apartment in clicking above then called the formula :

x x = 7

• Your quest is now complete, you have immediately unlocked the badge below in your inventory.


CatégorieSolutions et quetes
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Posté par samyland le Lundi 14 April


Badges have been discovered in Habbo servers. It would be badges for the rest of the Easter event 2014. Ces badges nous indiques que Sulake lancerades offres sur rabbits and chicks with more colors.




In addition, Sulake will surely make you an offer that is that when you buy an animal of such color, you will receive the badge provided as stated above.


Traduction MTC (Click to enlarge)

Other badges related :

Three badge for the french hotel related games passes or that will be released in the next few days. The following topics are to be retained : the Titanic and April Fools.




Three badges have been found also for Easter 2014. They have a match with the effect «Rabbit robot head» énoncé précédemment sur MTC.

Sans titre 8

CatégorieHabbo News

After the effort (to prohibit casinos), comfort ! easter_rabbit_in_hole

High home in color, enticing offer on the part of Sulake. The company try to raise purchasing power on Habbo. After the ban on casinos, the impossibility of getting rich as easily as before, to sell its mobis at good price, Sulake is implementing a credit offer doubled !



The home page

This is never done before but it is to qualify. Either we had a currency of substitution (Diamond, Peanut) either it was a few credits in addition to our purchase. This promotion is offering a gold certainly, but the credits prices remain far too expensive afin de se divertir pleinement au jeu.


How about you, What do you think of this promotion ?

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Posté par samyland le Dimanche 13 April

Le World Habbo Center est en faite une tour des souvenirs dont tous les Habbos peuvent ajouter leur étage afin de marquer leur passage sur Mangetoica. To add the floor you must first design it via software tool paint or other software of pixel art !



But the principle of this «World Habbo Center» ?

The goal of this game is to combine several floors designed by the Habbos ! More there are floors, more the small turret will take the form of a skyscraper ! And when you send us your floor, We will add it as some legos to the page of the tour here.

How to design sound floor ?

To propose your floor, You gotta save the default template that MTC propose you below. You can remplir ton étage avec ce que tu veux.



To save the template, Click here then «Save the image under !

Entry form

Saves your image to the format .PNG / .JPG or.GIF on white or transparent background uniquement et remplis le formulaire ci-dessous.


Votre Pseudonyme (obligatoire)

Titre de ton étage


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