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According the memo internal consulted this Friday by AFP, the World Bank (BM) serait inquiète pour la Security of its employees working in countries criminalizing l’homosexuality.


This statement comes while the World Bank has decided, This Thursday, de suspendre le versement d’un prêt de 90 $ million to Uganda, pays qui a rendering homosexuality punishable by jail.



<< These cases of descriminations are not isolated, Since 83 countries in the world consider and consider homosexuality illegal [...] >>


Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank


wpid-v65oai7fxn47qv9nectx.pngThis Friday, Uganda réagissait sur Twitter accusing the World Bank blackmail, and take advantage of this situation as a pretext to raise the people of the country.


M.Kim, not wishing to go back on the words of Uganda on the social network (above), has stated that in the coming months, will be implemented a broad debate on its development projects and on the freedoms (sexual orientation) of its employees.


To finish, the Secretary d’État américain John Kerry a souhaité réagir en comparant la loi présente en Ouganda à those in effect under the Nazi Germany.

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And if you discover the work of your neighbors the staffs of the Brazilian/Portuguese hotel ? On the occasion of the Tuesday fat which is a pretty important holiday in Latin America, the Brazilian staffs sing the parade of char on Habbo. They then put online video on their official channel.

xmas_singing (1)

Regardez :


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MTG2_Bannière2When a chronicle 100% video games on MangeToiCa ? I answer you : Right away ! Welcome to your new review : MangeTonGame ! Whether it's the Xbox, the PlayStation or at Nintendo, the Battlefield or at Call Of Duty, the FIFA or at PES, Everything. So, I let you discover three articles that have marked this week. If you have questions go in the comments that are just at the bottom of the article


Read more !

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Les rares ont toujours été très convoités sur Habbo, rising from the collector to the club HC mobis, the few showed especially at the time the class of Habbo. But in recent years the few took another turn. Indeed since 4 years prices have steadily increased see explode ! We will study the variation in prices during these 4 dernières années de mobis rare qui étaient alors disponible pour tous grâce à leur prix très abordable.



Throne alias throne Norman


On sale in 2005 then in 2006, le Trône a donc été mis à la vente pour la modique somme de 25 crédits au catalogue dans la session collector grâce à Norman ( where the nickname «Throne Norman»).


Trône de Norman +


But the throne is one of the most appreciated the Habbos mobis ! There are above all this furniture in the casinomans that appreciate it especially.


This lust has therefore literally explode the mobis from 25 c price in 2010 to 170 crédits de nos jours.







Le Dé HC qui était un cadeau de l’ancien HC club est aussi très prisé pour tout type de jeux surtout dans les casinos (Holdem, Dé HCLoto / hit-flow and any other games bets.) Dé HC was an explosion of its price especially after the closure of the Club HC.





Platinum DJ


habbo_platineSale in 2005 to the arrival of the Group gorillaz on the hotel and then to another event with the arrival of the artists. Indeed, It was not uncommon to have VIP chat with musicians or groups.

The Platinum long was a mobis shunned by collectors but in recent years have priced all simply triple !





Dragon Green


On sale in 2008, It was sold at the price of 25 credits to the catalog as a collector during the Chinese event. ( Attention to Bruce Lee !) The dragons have always aroused the passion of collectors.dragon_vert





It can be concluded that since these 4 last years prices are greatly increased for these mobis, some factors therefore explain this explosion of prices.


The democratization of the ingots : Indeed before 2007 the magots did not exist, Therefore, prices remain relatively stable. Once the magots happen it took several years to make it anywhere. And as the magots to destroy that very rarely and that the creation of magots is as simple as 2 clicks, ingots exploded so the price of the few causes of their abundance. The bicrave (b!k) so has also strongly contributed to the «cheap ingot».


Of the few lost forever : The price of the few are also determined by the amount of the. Least they exist to copy over it will be expensive. Since the appearance of the first few that today many people left Habbo with apartments filled with rare of same for permanently banned people so their apartments do countless treasures !


So do you really think that the trend will reverse ?

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Welcome to this all new Chronicle which has the name «THE BEST VINE». Each week We publish Vines them the funniest, more crazy, the more funs, the most WTF.



Vine, What is ?


With its format short six seconds, the application Vine offers the possibility to create small animated films. Launched by Twitter the 24 January 2013, It has been a smash hit since its launch.

How to send my Vine ?


To send your Vine, nothing simpler ! Just click on the link below and fill out the submission form.

Your Vine will be may be released in a few weeks in that article...


Send my vine !


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Mangetoica shows you a new edition of Eat your Screen, back after a few months of absences. Now, the publication of this column will be taken over by Nocturne and will install every week the Chronicle.



How to send my screen ?



To send your screen, nothing simpler ! Just fill out the form to send ci-dessous et cliquer sur le bouton « envoyer ».


Your screen will be perhaps published in the week, the best screens will be retained and seen below...


Votre pseudo

Votre email


Courte explication du/des screen(s)

Mon screen

Mon autre screen (Optional)

Mon screen respecte les conditions d'envoi établies ci-dessus



Place the Screen…




Don't forget that you can send us your screens at any time of the day or night :p

Donnez-nous encore et toujours vos avis, vos impressions…

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Click Clack ! Today, two new images come to be detected by our tools from the servers of Sulake whose theme is that of the camera and the famous stimulus debate : the camera, essential tool for the oldest who known him, could make his comeback ?


Capture d’écran 2014-02-27 à 18.37.46


The camera should be finally a collector Ltd. for the next event « Habbo Fashion Week« , a remake of Habbo Runway, Miley Cyrus en moins.


The history of the camera

The camera was introduced in the hotel in November 2002 shortly after the official opening of Habbo.CO.UK (United Kingdom). In January 2007, the tech of cameraSulake worried about the dangers due to the operation of camera. They therefore suspended this feature. In January 2008 After the installation of many patches to counteract this scripting of mass, Sulake has decided to disable this feature. All habbos who have purchased films have been repaid. In November 2009, Sulake officially announces that the camera will not return, la base de donnée des photos a été supprimé et le mobi désactivé.

Lire la suite

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New codes were discovered in servers. MTC translated you this. This concerns several parts of the event, which will be listed on the aerial view : Information to words of clothing (1ER paragraph); Arrival of a rare Ltd. (2th paragraph) and a apartment pré-décoré :


landing.view.habboclubpush.body = get the latest looks with new clothes and accessories HC.
Colors & styles, set you apart from the crowd ! Quickly join Habbo club.


landing.view.runwaylastchance.body = all Habbos can be a star with the amazing pack of mobis.
Decorated with everything must be : light, scene and model. You épateras all your friends. New badge includes !


landing.view.runwaylastchance.button = I want one !
landing.view.runwaylastchance.header = last chance : I want my pack !


landing.view.runwaylastchance.header = last chance: Special Pack Runway
landing.view.runwayroombundle.button = GB !
landing.view.runwayroombundle.header = ready to wear !
landing.view.habboclubpush.button = in knowledge more
landing.view.habboclubpush.header = new : Stay on top of fashion with the Habbo Club


landing.view.leprechaun.body = in excluded for HC for a limited time :
St Patrick is here ! This Irishman who gives you a burst of luck is there to give punch to your life !


landing.view.leprechaun.header = guard your calm... it happens !
landing.view.leprechaun.button = gets the !
landing.view.runwayltd.body = bought - while there is still time ! LTD is available in limited quantities and will never return !
Purchased your ID and unique logo Ltd.. Don't forget you get so that it can make you life better !


landing.view.runwayltd.button = Tic Tac...
landing.view.runwayltd.header = Runway Ltd.


landing.view.runwayrarebox.body = put your most elegant outfit and get ready to impress.
Thanks to the available during surprise boxes 6 at 8: 00, You'll 1 chance on 3 to view a rare ! This rare will make you famous !


landing.view.runwayrarebox.button = try your luck !
landing.view.runwayrarebox.header = box Runway



New images of promotion :



A retenir comme nouveautés :

- One Boxing at open will be available in the catalogue for a period of 6 at 8: 00, You'll 1 chance on 3 falling on a Rare

- A Ltd. will be on sale on the occasion of this event

- One Pack pré-décoré de mobi Runway verra le jour

- A Ltd. in the form camera will be on sale. Return of the feature ???

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