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Posté par Bochi-Helsephin le Dimanche 09 March

MTG2_Bannière2When a chronicle 100% video games on MangeToiCa ? I answer you : Right away ! Welcome to your new review : MangeTonGame ! Whether it's the Xbox, the PlayStation or at Nintendo, the Battlefield or at Call Of Duty, the FIFA or at PES, Everything. So, I let you discover three articles that have marked this week. If you have questions go in the comments that are just at the bottom of the article

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CatégorieHors Habbo

Hi all,


This is the sixth edition of an eye on the media, a somewhat special feature since it is my last. I decided to leave voluntarily, lack of time, and I have a big project that expect, so it's for that that I decided to leave MTC !

Finished the chatter and resume good habits, move immediately to the…

Ratings for the week, In brief !

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CatégorieNon classé

Since the beginning of the year, the Developer Blog resumes service to provide twice a week an article about the scenes of Habbo. After to have immisse in the life of a moderator, developers make us share a typical day on the premises of Sulake in the Finnish capital.

The translation of the article is fully realized for and by Mangetoica.


Capture d’écran 2014-01-14 à 13.09.17



Original find article here.



We are really pleased to announce l’arrival of HabboTalk on Habbo. You'll tell me, «What is HabboTalk» ? It comes from the reinvention of the group forums. We spent lots of time working on this new feature, en prenant en compte les avis des utilisateurs et HabboTalk est presque prête à être utilisée.

Il existe cependant quelques légères différents, the oldest Habbo who experienced group forums will be able to recognize. For example, HabboTalk will be fully accessible from the client, no need to leave the hostl ! Sympatoche non ?

Below is some sketches of what look like the new feature, but we must bear in mind that the design can change when this will happen about the hotel. We hope that this feature will be tested this week, but as this is a very big update, the date is likely to be changed.



Capture d’écran 2014-03-08 à 21.52.23 Sans titre


/!\ Mangetoica gives you a very simple trick to test the new functionality of group HabboTalk.

- Habbo.com visit and leave loading the client

- Search POWERTOO in your console, then click on their profile

- Join the Group «Habbo ClubHouse» et cliquez ensuite sur «View group forum»

Sans titre

- You have now bypassed the beta-test and have the possibility to test this feature (Thanks MTC!)
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CatégorieBUILD et mise à jour




New formula on TCM ! You will find here all untreated information on MangeToiCa for this week. So take time !


For the Gators of badges

> Two new badges were discovered and will be for the french hotel :





> For Habbo Fashion Week, the future campaign, six new stamps.





Rakker ended the «  probable » public place HC

Rakker the famous designer of the Habbos apartments has just finished the special appart for HC. It is not known if it's the official version but we know that an apartment reserved exclusively for HC will soon come (to read the article dedicated here)



Click on it to enlarge


New orders for HC on Habbo

The MoonWalk and Gangnam Style without furniture to, It is possible ! It is enough to pronounce the following words (News exclusively for HC)




When HC pass, non - HC beef hcpromo3

Increasingly discriminated against, non - HC begin to protest against the latest Habbo requiring the Habbo Club membership. The Habbo Fashion Week campaign will that increase discrimination non-HC-HC since it will be a campaign solely based on privileges HC. What redeeming the Habbo Club for spring !



Thats all… for this week ;)

CatégorieHabbo News
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Posté par Bochi-Helsephin le Samedi 08 March


After Cubeworld, un autre «Minecraft-like. called Planets³, is currently under development by the french studio Cubical Drift. Planets³ is a open-world basé sur du RPG with the ambition of ALL build (creating weapons, vehicles etc.…). But also it will be possible to play multiplayer (not like Minecraft somehow). The game at bottom to exist need so you can make a donation here (250 000$ initial goal, 1 000 000$ to access the entire universe)


Cubical Drift says a little + on the project : « Planets³ est un Minecraft-like, tout du moins visuellement car le jeu propose une importante dimension RPG et un système de crafting plus poussé. With a real scenario, important NPCs and vehicles, Cubical Drift aspire à créer un beau projet et espère pouvoir se servir de Kickstater pour lever les fonds suffisants pour produire le jeu. »


I let you discover the trailer for the game to have + Info ;) !





CatégorieHors Habbo

The HC club members are subject to a real development since recent weeks and the discovery of a multitude of codes indicating the arrival of new clothes, accessories and hairstyles, from new forms of apartments, a new public place them being booked and since today, two new commands.




These commands are new as such but are directly derived from mobis to dance the Moonwalk, popularized by Michael Jackson, as well as the Gangnam Style Korean Psy. These commands could perhaps soon join the HabHop, Duck Funk, The Rollie and Pogo Mogo, These dances including the last three can only be danced by the members of the club.

These new orders also walk on the french hotel : Furkan.Le.BG shows you his dancers off-standard talents to dance the Moonwalk and Gangnam Style, under my control, Obviously !



Capture d’écran 2014-03-07 à 22.31.37



Capture d’écran 2014-03-07 à 22.32.07



.. .and ca, I BUY. Obviously, When fatigue you invaded, It just tap the name of the dance that you to stop and look for a look (almost) normale.


CatégorieHabbo News



Four new mobis discovered in Sulake servers a few minutes ago and will be targeted for the campaign Habbo Fashion Week that will begin the 13 March 2014. This event will feature new unreleased clothing, new prefabricated apartments and unreleased as new furniture and collectors.





A fan, a paralumiere associated with the camera collector, a cabin and a lamp «so fashion» seront bientôt disponible peut-être comme collector limité pour certains d’entre eux.

Exclusive MTC

CatégorieHabbo News
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Posté par .:like-boss:. le Vendredi 07 March


Welcome to this all new Chronicle which has the name «THE BEST VINE». Each week We publish Vines them the funniest, more crazy, the more funs, the most WTF.



Vine, What is ?


With its format short six seconds, the application Vine offers the possibility to create small animated films. Launched by Twitter the 24 January 2013, It has been a smash hit since its launch.

How to send my Vine ?


To send your Vine, nothing simpler ! Just click on the link below and fill out the submission form.

Your Vine will be may be released in a few weeks in that article...


Send my vine !


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