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Posté par Partenariat MTC le Mardi 11 March

On the occasion of the imminent arrival of spring, the forum of the carrot launches recruitment ! We are recruiting:



* Several journalists:
- Know how to write in a correct french and especially without faults.
- Be serious and rigorous in its written.
- Meet the core attitude in its articles.
- Know how to write in a diary.


If you think that a writer of exception lies dormant in you, do not hesitate to submit your candidacy with:

- Your nickname Habbo and Habbogold.
- Your motivations.
- Your experience within fansites or other.
- An article of your choice which will show us what you are capable.

> Sends all email in habbogold.org@gmail.com with as object «recruitment journalist».



* 1 Yusuf:
- Being versatile.
- Help administrators and moderators as well as people from the forum.
- Being creative (Have ideas for upcoming events for example because you will be the «Heads»).


If you think being a Yusuf in the soul, don't lose more a second and sends your candidacy with:

- Your nickname Habbo and Habbogold.
- Your motivations regarding the assistance to persons + your ideas on events (people of the forum, Council of carrots…).
- Tell us why we should choose you and not another.

> Sends all email in habbogold.org@gmail.com with as object «recruitment Yusuf».



* 1 Moderator:
- Know how to write in a correct french and especially without faults.
- Have an expert knowledge of the forums (therefore creating a topic, modify it etc.…).
- Being very available on the forum to help people and monitor topics.
- Know the attitude by heart carrot ! ;)


If you think to be able to fulfil the tasks of a moderator, send us your application with:

- Your nickname habbo and habbogold.
- Your motivations.
- Your experience on a forum or your experience of modo on a site or

> Sends all email in habbogold.org@gmail.com with as object «recruitment moderator».



*And the newest of these recruitment is the recruitment of columnists !

A columnist is a journalist who has his weekly column ! (example sofiane.c and his Chronicles of the JS). This requires :
- Know how to write in a correct french and especially without faults. – Be serious and rigorous in its written.
- Meet the core attitude in its articles.
- Have one or more ideas of interesting Chronicle.


If you think to be able to fulfil the duties of a columnist, send us your application with:

- Your nickname habbo and habbogold.
- Your motivations.
- Your project's Chronicle
- And so the first article of your Chronicle.

> Sends all email in habbogold.org@gmail.com with as object «recruiting columnist».



We wish you good luck for these recruitments and hope to see you soon in our team

The HabboGold team, Carrot POWWA !


One restructuring of Sulake Madrid offices has summer operated the 30 January 2014, date that the Chamber of Commerce and Spanish industry has posted the migration of the mother house of Habbo offices. Goodbye offices located in a small street off of the capital, place désormais au centre-ville et une artère très commerçante.


Capture d’écran 2014-03-10 à 20.47.02



Now, the new office by Sulake Madrid lie in the main artery of the city, where all the great shops and boutiques is close. For LaFolleGrenouille, a ride on the side of Nike, situated just in front of the building, or for these ladies, Why not munch on a good Burger King during the pause lunch ?


Reminder, Sulake is located in London and Helsinki, where she sits on the premises of Elisa, the company repurchasing Sulake.












New formula on TCM ! You will find here all untreated information on MangeToiCa for today. So take time !


Public place «HC» Finally will not see the day

Public place exclusively for HC will eventually not see the day. Codes withdrew earlier in the day. La campagne Habbo Fashion Week n’accueillera donc pas ce lieu public.





Click on it to enlarge


16 new badges for Habbo Fashion Week missions

For the Gators of badges, 16 new badges have been found in servers. We can now tell you that there is a whole series of missions with MTC rebroadcast you solutions These missions daily.



Habbo.COM launches fan sites officialisations

Habbo.COM launches its campaign to formalize Habbo fansites ! A campaign that lasts only one week until the 17 March then the announcement results the 24 March. The staffs so no time is wasted !


What staff see administering some furniture

Some furniture are interactive for the staffs. MTC you showed some months ago on twitter a few images of these famous mobis. Some allow to insert images in the client, Configure the display or a flat :


Merci à Antoine

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The program «Builders at Work» vient à l’instant d’être rendu disponible sur l’hôtel international et italien, the french hotel should go public within a few minutes. The constructors of the extreme are a team consisting of a constructor Chief elected for six months, as well as five construction assistants renewed every two months, where it will be impossible to select persons having already been Wizard.


Capture d’écran 2014-03-10 à 12.09.30



People below officially have the badge of the Chief of construction and assistants respectively.

- SITE FOREMAN : ThOmAsdu62510

- WIZARD(E)S : LaVonne, @pauleta @., alexandre72100, -Hart, ,Sébastien


« It's official, We recruited the best constructors of the hotel to create a shock team that will show you the limits of construction on Habbo!

At length we decided to choose how best to publicize the best creations and the best builders. We found it, giving these manufacturers with the best tools to work, as free as the air to show their creativity. In return, they will continue to help other players who need help or advice to build.



After years of apartment contest, apartment in live competition, and chat with the players of the hotel, We now have a list of the selected Habbos who really know how to build, stack, and impress us just using simple mobis. It is a huge responsibility to be in the best constructors. The equality concerns for, We will choose a Chief Builder every six months. He will lead a team of five assistants, which will change every two months, with the arrival of five new people.



- One subscription to the Builders Club and the Habbo Club during their tenure as a member of the Group.

- One enhanced ability of mobis in Builders Club

- One exclusive badge



The first team is already ready to get their hands dirty to build, but don't panic, you will perhaps be the next. Continues to build, Sham with your creations, promotes your apartment, participates in competitions for apartments and you will perhaps have the chance to join this club.»



The « Chief constructor » who will occupy its position during six mois will be identifiable with this badge :


The 5 wizards who will occupy their positions during deux mois will be identifiable with this badge :


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Posté par Thisboss42 le Lundi 10 March

Bobba Bar, un réseau social développé par Sulake en 2010 on mobile platforms from Apple to conquer the mobile market, announcement that it will closes the 07 next April. Cette application permettait de rencontrer des personnes similaires à vous en ciblant particulièrement certains détails, as your sexual orientation, your age, or even your tastes for music.


Sans titre


Bobba Bar wanted to give a momentum in 2012 to reinvigorate a deserted application and superfluous in a critical application on smartphone. However, the application did not meet the success or profitability expected, the possibility of buying an apartment that can be personality for a fairly substantial sum not having attracted almost all of the people who downloaded Bobba Bar, still under design of iOS 6.


Sans titre 2


Still available on the AppStore yesterday, Bobba Bar has therefore disappeared from the applications published by Sulake, It is therefore impossible to download. Nevertheless, However, the people who already downloaded the application may access to the application until its total closure which will occur the 07 next April.


Capture d’écran 2014-03-10 à 00.15.49


On its official internet site, the closing is announced but for now not justified, the hypothesis of the commercial failure of the application being surely the cause.


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Posté par samyland le Dimanche 09 March

The association Save The Children launches its campaign of mobilization on Syrian children severely affected by the wars that are currently rife in Syria. The below video was seen by almost 20 million Internet users. Its impact has been strong since la guerre peut faire basculer votre vie à tout moment. The message is clear, in any country including the France, millions of lives can change.



A London girl who lives with her parents celebrates its anniversary, plays and out to go to school. Suddenly, war is raging from the information, his parents are worried and his family is forced to leave in order to escape the war. She will live a living hell when she will flee the war to find themselves in a hospital on the border of another country, governed by lNGOs and international authorities.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

CatégorieMange Ta Video


If it takes place in the strategy of << dediabolisation >> of the National Front, opération menée par Marine Le Pen in the eyes of the general public, What was discovered recently at all disagree with it.


wpid-4379744_4_fc20_sur-facebook-severine-amelot-figure-sur_e02a09d4e127ae71fdb8d631af1fdfee.jpgIn Nevers, in the Nièvre département, an FN candidate would have found, Friday 7 March, by the Express. Indeed, la candidate nommée Séverine Amelot, se serait affichée sur le réseau social Facebook 2, in photos where she stands before a nazi flag ! But compromising information stop not to. Since it would be recorded in an another picture where you can see him wearing a t-shirt with the emblem of the 33rd division's grenadier SS Charlemagne, belonging to the Waffen-SS. Fortunately, the account has since been hidden to the public.



But his interests and tastes for extremist movements go even further. Au point qu’elle affichait sur Facebook son intêret réel au Ku Klux Klan. Since Séverine Amelot seems to regret what she calls << bullshit >>.


As for the head of list FN, in Nevers, Christophe Gaillard said discover neo-Nazi leanings of his his running mate by adding that it strongly condemns this kind of things. Unfortunately for Marine Le Pen, the polls being closed since Thursday evening, She finds herself unable to put offside Séverine Amelot.



The FN in Nevers campaign will be so to the end with this annoying his running mate for his own party, where how to give a better image to a party that is already at the heart of controversy.

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Posté par .:like-boss:. le Dimanche 09 March


Des nouveaux vêtements viennent d’apparaître, sans doute pour la promotion de l’arrivée de l’êvenements Habbo Fashion Week. Ce sont donc de nouveaux vêtements pour les HC. Nous n’avons aucune information concernant leurs arrivées peut-être très prochainement.


BiR8J3cCEAE0ERk[EDIT 09/03/2014, 13h00] Here are the first pictures of the new clothes worn by the models (source @HenkAkaYasin) : three T-Shirt resemble those offered for sale in the Official Store of the hotel.


Lire la suite

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