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Are casinos suspended for the next few days ?


MTC had warned you against the arrival of this prohibition

MTC had enunciated you a rule of Habbo Attitude concerning casinos which it clearly stipulates that it was strictly forbidden to create/party at cash games in Habbo. This measure is included in the Habbo Attitude of the Habbo sandbox page. This could be registered soon in the pages of the hotel. Elisa also provides for the limitation of 5 of per apartment but could this be an ineffective measure ?




Rule to .COM but maybe for .FR soonfrank_01

Elisa wants absolutely redeeming the company she bought both new security. Prohibit casinos would somehow condemn the players who possess most of the few to be banned at any time extras. So watch the page of the Habbo Attitude pour voir si cette règle n’est pas ajoutée (here).


In France, casinos banned at least of 18 yearsACH_GamePlayed10

Habbo is a game more played by young users. The online casino game is considered banned at least activity 18 years based on French legislation. A priori, Elisa may install its ban in France policy by claiming that 95% Habbos users have less than 18 years.

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A strange series of codes to be added summer in hotel test servers «Sandbox» from Sulake. It directly relates to one «Welcome Guide». If you're on Habbo for some time already, you will recall the Guide-O-Matic ! This bot that you could call in your apartment to ask her questions very standards, puisque c’était un simple robot.

This Guide-O-Matic had subsequently been withdrawn for people experienced Habbo, only the new could appeal a. Subsequently, Sulake took the decision to withdraw short. But today this famous «Welcome bot» could be back indeed for the new, like old. Introduce the new codes and we will analyse them then !




2wq98-Habbo_Bot_BadgeThe first line of code corresponds to the attire of the bot, the second line in his name, here Piccolo. The third line allows it to exercise the various actions the bot such as saying: « Whoa. I never really knew I could speak! ». The 6th line of code is very interesting because it indicates that’It is necessary that the user is verified mobile number with its confirmation code sent by SMS. Remember, the function of verification by mobile coming soon. Once the user has checked his phone number, a second bot named «Frank» will visit you !


We thus think that these two bots will join our hotel to help you and push to enter your phone number on Habbo.



The function of verification by mobile arrives, by samyland.

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Your living space will be bigger than ever with the arrival of 5 new flats reserved exclusively for HC. By order of the images : 1026 / 801 /354 /868 / 926 boxes




Vos concours d’appart sans embarras anim_appart_732

Remember the legendary apartment «732 boxes» that was used in the competitions of appart. This era is now over. Finish the problem of stairs, the gene for the laying of the mobis in order to hide a few pesky holes. Thanks to the model n ° 9 apartment, you will receive a flat terrain and unhindered. What delight some lovers of the construction…

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A whole new public hall will make its appearance for members of Habbo Club on all hotels from Sulake. Before the disappearance of public places, two bathrooms Desertas étaient déjà réservés aux membres HC.


Codes vue aérienne en exclusivité sur :

landing.view.hcpublicroom.header =BRAND NEW: Public room Habbo Club !

landing.view.hcpublicroom.body =You always wanted a fun place ? A place where to show your coolest outfits ? And although the new Club Habbo (public place) is there for you ! Call your friends and dark in this room public HC… What you waiting ?

landing.view.hcpublicroom.button =Join the fun !


Final summary of the new public room HC (via @HabboRakker) :

EDIT: Aparthotel reserve at HC is ultimately more effective for Sulake.


The 2 former public places reserved for the HC :

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A l’occasion du partenariat entre and the ceremony of Nickolodeon Kids Choice Awards 2014, two new mobis have been uploaded for the campaign. A simple green slab representing the Slime to make green ground and a large machine which is a Slime Geyser.



The winners of this famous ceremony are sprayed with « Slime« , the mobi above represents a geyser of this Green liquid and gluand. For example, here Justin Bieber & Will Smith sprayed with Slime ceremony March 2012.

Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Roaming Audience

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MTG2_Bannière2When a chronicle 100% video games on MangeToiCa ? I answer you : Right away ! Welcome to your new review : MangeTonGame ! Whether it's the Xbox, the PlayStation or at Nintendo, the Battlefield or at Call Of Duty, the FIFA or at PES, Everything. So, I let you discover three articles that have marked this week. If you have questions go in the comments that are just at the bottom of the article


Read more !

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Today, new codes come to be hosted on the servers of Sulake. Detected by our tools, These allow to assert the arrival of a prefabricated apartment on Salvador Dali and the arrival of the Organic range in the catalogue, spotted on the international hotel 2009 including two mobis -Chair and lamp- sont récemment sortis en exclusivité en France.


Capture d’écran 2013-10-17 à 15.05.49


landing.view.dalibundle.header =Pixel fusion !
landing.view.dalibundle.body =In honor of this great artist, El Salvador Dali, We have created a surreal room ! A world of comfort to invite your friends. This pack includes an exclusive Badge ! ODR01Available in direct purchase and with credits.

landing.view.dalibundle.button =I want !




landing.view.organofurni.header =The Organo Mobis are there… just for a little while !
landing.view.organofurni.body =For a limited time, We welcome to our Hotel the Organo mobis. With their eccentric shapes and their sparkling colors, you will have the impression of being in a lava lamp ! Be quick… Available also in the warehouse of Builders Club !
landing.view.organofurni.button =Look at this !
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Before you begin, We will dwell on the term of Extra Rare. Often used to twists or through, a rare extra is limited to a few copies and sought-after. These mobis are often very very old collectors. Most of these furniture cost all of 100 Ingots (5000 credits). Today I try to study the classics of rare Extras that makes us all more or less salivating behind our screens. I also States that all prices are in appropriations. Hold on tight !





The trophy «Habbo» Gold


Trophée Habbo

The Habbo trophy in has never put on sale, in fact the only way to win this trophy was to participate in contests or games sponsored by the staffs. What makes it rather special because only staffs could distribute. The price also varies depending on the signature of the staff on the trophy, certain signatures cost «less» expensive than others (but only a few ingots). The price will therefore correspond to the common to all the trophies in circulation price.








The console

pupitreThe console was released in 2005 in the collector of the catalog category. Depuis toutes ces années ce mobilier a pris de plus en plus de valeur pour arriver de nos jours à des sommes colossales. Le pupitre est surtout un mobis épuré et unique (There is no other form or another colour of desk). What also made him its rarity !





The lamp blue aka cosmic blue

lampe_cosmique_bleueOn sale in 2005, the blue light comes on 3 blue colors, Gold and Red (which these 2 last become almost unavailable on Habbo). But the mystery reigns around its name, why the cosmic blue ? But what makes enough mystery to make this mobis is appreciated by the Casinoman.







Elephant statue gold aka the babar gold

Ce collector a été mis en vente à Noël en 2005 during a promotion on the credits of 10 to 50 purchased EUR. elephant_orIts rarity and originality make this mobis a mobis Extra Rare bestseller and one of the most appreciated nowadays if his brother the silver elephant Statue (Currently, which is no longer available)






Previously, during the games sponsored of staffs, the winner could choose his mobis which was very often a Rare Extra. Nowadays most any game allows to win such mobis, an asset for the great casinomans and an evil for us the other habbos who can barely, generally, reach a quarter of the price of the furniture.




Thanks to Zeldaw for his patience and his knowledge of prices.

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